Australian sports, explained

It is no secret that Aussies love their sports! From global sports to the ones unique to the country, everyone can find something that they’ll enjoy.

Here are some of the most popular Australian loved sports to check out:


Cricket is a well-known sport around the world, and Australia is no exception! There is both an incredible international team, as well as an eight-team club league, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to catch a match. When living in Australia, make sure to look out for one of the Big Bash League’s eight teams and catch an exciting game! If you are a big cricket fan, be sure to travel to Melbourne the spectacular Melbourne Cricket Ground.


Rugby is adored and watched by many Aussies around the country. If you are searching for an intense, full-contact sport, you will love Rugby! There are many venues around Australia where you can catch a rugby match, but for Sydneysiders the ultimate venue is the Sydney Cricket Ground, home of the National Rugby League’s Sydney Roosters.


Tennis is one of the most loved sports globally. Gather a group of friends and go down to your local tennis court to play a match yourself or buy tickets to one of Australia’s many professional tennis events. The Australian Open is the major tournament of the year, and an experience that all tennis lovers shouldn’t miss!

Formula 1

If you love fast cars, you will love Formula 1! The most important and biggest races in F1 is the Grand Prix. Australia hosts one of these races, held annually at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit. It is a huge event with a great mix of racing, musical performances and lots of food and drink!

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