The Benefits of Living in Student Accommodation

One of the decisions a student has to make before starting university is where to live. For some, the choice is easy as they have the luxury to continue living at home if it is an easy commute to campus. However, many students need to travel to a different city, state, or country to attend university

While each student has their unique needs, there are a variety of benefits of living in student accommodation:

Convenience and Distance to Campus

At Be.Accommodation, we are local to all universities in Sydney, in particular the University of New South Wales, the University of Sydney and the University of Technology Sydney. Because our property is located close to various universities, you aren’t trekking hours on public transport to reach campus. This gives you more time in your day for study, work, and your social life.

Our location has a lot more to offer, including being close to supermarkets, great restaurants, and what we love the most – the beach!

All Inclusive Rates

Most student accommodation offer packages that include rental fees as well as utilities like water, gas, and electricity. For students living away from home, this helps to simplify your responsibilities and make living out of home more comfortable. At Be.Accommodation we also provide access to high-speed Wi-Fi to ensure our residents can access the internet.

Building Friendships

One of the best aspects about living in student accommodation are the social opportunities and the network of life-long friendships that you build. Although it is possible to form lasting friendships with your peers in tutorials and lectures, it is a completely different experience making friends with those who live with you.

At Be.Accommodation, we are equipped with common areas where students can cook, eat, and socialise together in a safe environment. Due to our household’s strong focus on study, living with your peers makes group work and collaborative study easier to achieve.

Safety and Security

It can be scary moving to a new city or country to study, and at Be.Accommodation, we understand this, this is why we pride ourselves in providing a secure complex with an on-site caretaker who can be contacted 24/7. We also have Closed Circuit TVs (CCTVs) that add to your security.

Inclusive Environments

With boarders opening back up again, the number of international students coming to Australia to study is on the rise. At Be.Accommodation, we pride ourselves in offering an inclusive environment for all. We support students transitions into their new living and study situation. Our property is also easily booked from overseas.
At Be. Accommodation, it is important to us that our residents have all they need to complete their studies in Sydney. What is wonderful about our student accommodation Sydney, is the location, safety, and wonderful community. For more information contact us on +61 2 9167 9356.