How to Enjoy Sydney as a Student on a Budget

There are few places better to live than Sydney. Not only does it have great beaches, wonderful parks, and an active nightlife, but it has great Australian weather as well. However, living in the bustling city has a price tag attached to it and it is quite high. Thankfully, the cheap student accommodation Sydney students get at Be.Accommodation helps and when paired with some budgeting tips, it isn’t all that difficult to enjoy the city to the full as a student. Some basic planning can help you get the most out of this great city.


After you have settled in at Be.Accommodation and are taking advantage of the best cheap student accommodation Sydney has, you should download a budgeting program for either your smartphone or laptop. After doing that, you can start creating a plan and setting aside an amount of money each month for your regular expenses such as groceries and transportation costs. Don’t forget to set aside some money for entertainment as well. Once this is done, you can create your goals for what you want to do in Sydney, such as attending a major sporting event or festival, and then save up to make those dreams a reality that doesn’t break the bank.


You will also want to use your time efficiency. If you find that you have extra time after you finish studying in the afternoon, perhaps getting a part-time job will allow you to gain some extra spending money. Whatever you do, whether it’s helping tutor struggling students or working at a local business, just make sure it doesn’t interfere with your studies since that should be your focus right now (and, if you’re on a student visa from overseas, be sure to check the work provisions of that visa) If you’re looking to cut some costs, try to walk or ride a bike around the city in order to avoid transportation fees.


Since you are using the best cheap student accommodation Sydney has to offer, you won’t have a ton of insurmountable costs each month. Even so, you will still want to look for cheap substitutions for what you normally do for entertainment. Getting a monthly subscription to a streaming service will be cheaper than going to the movies with friends and you can hang out even more often as a result. Likewise, watching sports with friends at their place rather than going out to a sports bar works out much cheaper when you factor the cost of drinks. You can still have a vibrant social life while budgeting, you just have to be smart about it.


Another tip is to take advantage of coupons and weekly deals that grocery stores and restaurants offer up. Many local groceries will have deals that come and go each week. Keeping a close eye on them and stocking up when it’s something you use often will help you save money and get to enjoy what you like. Likewise, some restaurants have cheap specials on certain days, so you can still enjoy a premium meal at a budget price.


As long as you spend money intelligently and take advantage of everything your cheap student accommodation Sydney offers you at Be.Accommodation, you will be able to enjoy the vibrant city of Sydney while on a budget.