Etiquette That Shared Student Housing Residents Should Live By

Be.Accommodation offers incredible student housing Sydney has… but make sure to use proper etiquette to make friends that will last you a lifetime.


Getting to study at a top university is an exciting time in anyone’s life, and it is often paired with leaving your parent’s home for the first time to live independently. Be.Accommodation offers the best student housing Sydney offers, providing everything that students need to succeed both socially and at their studies, easing a lot of the challenges that students face. However, being in a different environment still comes with several challenges, and that includes living with others that aren’t family members. Learning the etiquette required in a shared accommodation can be a learning process for some, so we are here to help with some tips that will make sure you don’t break any unwritten rules.


One thing that should always be a priority is making sure you are being clean and looking after yourself. Nobody enjoys being around someone that leaves filthy dishes on the counter and doesn’t pick up trash that they leave behind. Putting in some extra effort to clean up your living space will make a huge difference, and everyone appreciates it. Make sure to do your dishes when done eating and take out the trash when it is filled. Other students at Be. Accommodation will be doing the same and cleanliness helps make this the top student housing Sydney has.


Living at Be.Accommodation includes plenty of perks and is an incredible value. One of the things that students love the most is our fully stocked kitchen and outside grilling area. You can make any food that you want here and don’t have to rely on student staples like ramen noodles and microwavable food. However, it’s important to use proper etiquette in a shared kitchen space as others will be using it and storing food there as well. Make sure to communicate with everyone, mark ingredients and food that is allowed to be shared amongst those using the kitchen and ask before using anything you didn’t purchase. These simple manners can avoid any confusion that occurs due to lack of communication and mitigate any potential conflict. Rather than bickering about food, share some recipes and cook meals with friends. After all, food is best enjoyed with others!


Another perk of using the top student housing Sydney has is the ability to be social in a safe environment. Be.Accommodation has great security and is built to make sure you can easily make friends. With entertainment areas complete with televisions and Foxtel, it’s easy to bond over common interests such as reality television or watching sporting events. We also have high-speed Internet so you can stay in touch with your family and other friends. Create bonds and memories that you will cherish for years to come!


It’s also important to just be respectful to others. Being at university can be a stressful time, so being kind and courteous to others goes a long way… especially around exam time. Helping to create a friendly atmosphere at Be.Accommodation will make sure everyone gets along and that it continues to be the top student housing Syndey offers for years to come.