Five Items All Students Must Have Before Heading to University

When heading to university there is a lot to think about, in particular those essential items you need to get through your studies. At Be.Accommodation, we want to ensure that our residents are fully prepared for their time at university, so we have curated a list of the five must have items:


1. Laptop
Sitting in a lecture and taking notes by hand can be time-consuming, especially when the lecturer is speeding through the presentation slides. When students have laptops, they can type their notes directly into a document. Laptops are also essential when it comes to research and assignments, allowing students to complete them with ease. The portability of laptops also facilitates group work by allowing students to meet at any location.


2. Headphones
Headphones are great for when you need to block out any background noise and distractions while studying. Put on your favourite study playlist and get into the zone to complete those ‘wonderful’ 3000-word assignments.


3. Diary/Planner
Whether you use your calendar on your smart phone, or you have an old-school planner, diaries are important to stay organised and keep track and up to date on all your university work. Make sure you add all your classes, group assignment meetings, and due dates into your diary.


4. USB
Sometimes technology fails us, there is nothing worse than spending hours on an assignment for it to be completely deleted from your computer. You will notice that all your tutors will remind you to back-up your assignments, just in case! Make sure that you invest in a USB so you can easily transfer videos, images, and other files.


5. Water Bottle
This may seem like an unusual must-have item but hear me out – it is important to stay hydrated, especially during long days on campus studying. Water helps you think more clearly, increase your ability to focus, and can help you experience greater clarity and creativity.

At Be.Accommodation, your trusted Sydney student accommodation, we want to ensure our residents are equipped with all that they need to study comfortably. Contact us on 61 9167 9356 for more information.