Five Reasons To Avoid a Commute In Sydney

When looking at student accommodation options, you should be looking at how far they are from the university. A lengthy commute isn’t just a daily inconvenience, it can have a negative impact on your health as well. That’s why you should search for student accommodation near UNSW like Be.Accommodation, which provides students with everything they need to succeed.


Here are five reasons to avoid a commute in Sydney:


1) Train lines are often overcrowded and late

While there are many cities with excellent public transportation options for its residents, Sydney isn’t quite there. It simply took too long for the government to invest in public transportation and the lack of infrastructure has caused plenty of issues. With the population growing, train lines are often extremely busy making for an uncomfortable ride. Not helping matters is that they don’t always arrive on time and delays can cause you to miss the start of work shifts for that part time job… or your all-important lectures.


2) Lengthy commutes can have a negative effect on your mental and physical health

Another reason to look for accommodation near UNSW is that a long commute has negative health effects. Not only does it lead to people spending additional time sitting around rather than being active, which can lead to weight gain and high blood pressure, but the need to be up early for the commute can affect sleep time. It’s also an additional cause of stress due to how unpredictable a daily commute can be.


3) You have less time for your hobbies and work

If you find accommodation near UNSW, then you will have plenty of extra time for your hobbies than if you had to take a commute to school each day. Rather than spending an hour on a train, you can spend it exercising, sleeping in or watching your favourite television show. Free time is extremely valuable, especially when you’re a busy student, so having any extra time to enjoy life is important.


4) It’s a drain on your wallet

Not only does taking public transportation eat up your time, it also costs quite a bit of money over time. While a one-way trip is rather cheap, the expenses build up if you are traveling nearly every day. By staying at Be.Accommodation, you won’t have to rely on a lengthy commute and that means your money can go to more important matters. Finding accommodation near UNSW isn’t just smart, it’s a money saver.


5) Long commutes make you unhappy

While it’s not ideal, most people can deal with slightly less sleep or a lighter wallet. However, a long commute is going to make you unhappy. It might not be a big deal immediately, but after public transportation issues cause you to be late for an important work meeting or you are left wasting your valuable time due to a train being late, it will become a pure annoyance. Your life shouldn’t revolve around public transportation schedules. Live your best life and find accommodation near UNSW. After all, going to university is supposed to lead to new memories, not additional frustration.