Four Reasons Be.Accommodation Is Best Student Accommodation Sydney Has To Offer

Looking for the best student accommodation Sydney has to offer? You’ll want to check out Be.Accommodation. Making the most of your time as a student is about more than study. It’s also about lifestyle, and at Be.Accommodation we aim to make sure that both local and international students enjoy a rewarding experience..

There’s a number of things that help set Be.Accommodation apart from the other student accommodation Sydney offers. Check out the list below to learn why it’s the best option for students.


1. A Place to Make Friends Forever

Be.Accommodation knows that university is an important part of a young adult’s development as teenagers spread their wings and start a new chapter in life. In order to help students have a healthy social life and make friends that will last the rest of their lives, we have incredible common areas for students to hang out in when they’re not in class. From being able to watch movies and television shows on Foxtel to cooking with others in our kitchen or grill areas, there are plenty of ways to avoid the isolation some experience when away from home.The social bonds that you build while staying at Be.Accommodation will last you a lifetime.


2. The Security You Need

It’s always a bit scary for parents to see their children leave their homes for the first time. However, at Be.Accommodation you won’t need to worry as it’s the safest student accommodation Sydney has to offer. Our complex is fully secure and has an on-site caretaker that can be contacted any hour of the day. Our closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) closely watch the facility to ensure safety and we have secure parking for cars, motorbikes and bicycles.


3. Comfortable Living

We know that it can be difficult to study if you’re stressed out, so Be.Accommodation makes sure that students have all the comforts of home while they’re away at university. Our wireless Internet helps students stay connected with the world and can be used to keep in touch with home via Skype. Our rooms also have a comfortable beanbag that is perfect for studying and a bed that will make sure you get a full night’s rest after a busy day. Our fully furnished kitchen also has everything you need to prepare anything from a full-course meal to just microwaving a quick snack.


4. Conveniently Located

Be.Accommodation is also perfectly located for students to live a vibrant life. Students are just 10 minutes away from the Pacific Square Shopping Centre, which has top-notch supermarkets and restaurants. We’re also near plenty of parks filled with nature and space for athletics and Coogee Beach, which is just a 25-minute bus ride away, so it’s easy to relax on the weekend. Of course, Sydney is an incredible city filled with concerts and events to check out, so there is never a dull moment when you’re staying so close to the centre of it as you are with Be.Accommodation.

We know what it takes to provide the student accommodation Sydney locals and international students alike love, and what will enhance the experience of the best years of their life.