How to stay focused while studying

The academic year appears to fly by so quickly. Orientation week seems like it was just yesterday, and before you know it, essay deadlines, and exams are on the horizon. But don’t stress, at Be.Accommodation, we have created a list of tips to avoid the stress and nerves that deadlines can create:

1. Make a plan

When you start the semester, you will be provided with all the due dates for your assignments and exams. So, get a head start and map out your work schedule now. If it is reading, writing, researching, or revising, make sure you give yourself a target to achieve at the end of each week, so you know that you are on track with everything that is due.

2. Create a relaxed study environment

If you are studying from home, or in your student housing, make sure that your space is tidy, and that your desk is clear from clutter. A clear space makes way for a clear mind, which is exactly what you need when you are studying. You will also find it easier to focus in your study space if it is a place that you actually enjoy being.

3. Take regular breaks

Productivity increases when students take regular breaks. Break down your revision or essay writing into manageable chunks. For every 45 minutes of study, take a 10-minute break away from your study space. Go outside for some fresh air, do some stretches, and have a quick bite to eat – we guarantee your brain will thank you later.

4. Stay hydrated and eat well

The best way to help yourself perform to your best ability is to stay hydrated, and to keep away from junk food. Set a reminder on your phone to drink some water, and snack on some fruit andnuts during your studies. Avoid eating foods with high levels of fat, as this will make you feel irritable and lethargic, which ultimately decreases your productivity.

5. Avoid all-nighters

You may think staying up all night studying will help you stay on top of your studies. However, doing all-nighters and functioning with a lack of sleep can have a serious impact on your health, and can in turn, hinder your work. A good night’s sleep is important to help you stay focused and learn effectively. Sleep helps to consolidate memory, which is essential when studying for an exam. So, swap your energy drinks and coffee for your bed, and be sure to get a good night’s rest.

6. Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself for your hard work is the key to staying motivated. These can be small rewards, like a piece of chocolate for each paragraph you write or watching your favourite movie once you have mastered a topic. When you feel like you have been working hard, or when you have submitted assignments and your exams are finished, reward yourself with bigger things, like a night our with your friends, or buying that pair of shoes you have had your eye on for a while. Just because you are a student, and you have studying to do, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy yourself.


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