Live up the student life! Ten things to do while at uni!

When finishing high school and transitioning into your tertiary studies, it is important to have a list of exciting things to do while at university! At Be.Accommodation, the best student housing Sydney can offer, we want to ensure our residents are always inspired to take on exhilarating opportunities and have fun.

Here our top ten things we think every student must do:

  1. Go on a day trip – It is easy to forget that there is a whole world around you when you’re in the uni bubble. Call your friends and head on a day trip by car, bus, or train. Whether you visit a small country town, hit up a peaceful beach, or visit a nearby city, taking a break from your daily uni routine is a must.
  2. Join a university society – Joining a society at your university gives you the chance to meet new people, take part in fun activities and make lifelong friends. Make sure you join a society that aligns with your hobbies and interests.
  3. Get a part-time job – Part-time jobs are a necessity for many students, they are great way to boost your finances and gain skills that will make your super employable.
  4. Have a BBQ – Take advantage of your student accommodations barbeque facilities, gather your friends around for some fun outdoors and show off your skills on the grill.
  5. Do an internship – Internships are wonderful opportunities to obtain real-life experiences in the workplace. Pursue an internship that relates to your university course, this will help you become more employable when seeking a full-time job in the industry of your choice.
  6. Host a dinner party –University is the best time to experiment with different flavours and spices in the kitchen, call your friends together and host a dinner party with good food and fun games.
  7. Volunteer – Whenever you have a free moment away from your studies, why not use that time to help those in need? Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity to offer a helping hand and meet new people.
  8. Explore your city – During your free time, venture into Sydney’s CBD and explore the city. While you are exploring, don’t forget to visit the most popular landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  9. Go out to eat – Sydney has an endless amount of delectable cuisines to choose from, so call your mates and visit some of the best restaurants the city has to offer.
  10. Study outdoors – When the weather is beautiful outside, call your classmates and find a nice park to study amongst nature.

For more exciting ideas on what to do while you are at university and the finest student housing Sydney can offer, contact Be.Accommodation on 61 9167 9356.