Living life sustainably at Be.Accommodation

University is often the first time that young adults are living away from home. One of the things that many of us find early on after moving out is that trash can accumulate quickly. While the best cheap student accommodation Sydney has is found at Be.Accommodation, and we naturally have full garbage disposal facilities, students staying there will still want to be mindful of waste as nobody wants to live around a messy roommate.


Here are five easy ways that you can cut down on how much waste you are creating:


Get a reusable bag to shop with

Going shopping often results in coming home with plenty of plastic and paper bags that you have no use for after you return. You can avoid this by using a reusable bag for your shopping. Not only can this be used at grocery stores but elsewhere as well as you are eliminating a lot of unnecessary trash.


Don’t use paper plates or plastic utensils

A lot of waste is made by using disposable plates and utensils. While it’s an attractive offer not to wash dishes, it winds up being much more expensive and harmful to the environment in the long run. That’s why you should make sure you buy silverware and some dishes that you clean and reuse.


Purchase a reusable bottle for beverages

One of the biggest creators of waste are plastic water bottles. Instead of purchasing bottled water, which often isn’t healthier than tap water, use your own reusable bottle to keep water with you at all times. Not only are you saving money in the long run, you are helping the environment as well. It’s a useful tool to keep around your cheap student accommodation Sydney as you should always be drinking more water throughout the day.


Watch what groceries you are buying

Another great way to cut down on the amount of trash you are creating is by purchasing food with minimal packaging. For example, fruits and vegetables are offered loose in stores and can be put in your reusable bags. These foods are often healthy as well, so you get that bonus as well. While it’s not possible to buy everything you need loose, you should also keep in mind only to buy as much as you are going to eat. Often times food is thrown out due to excess purchases, which is just wasteful.


Make sure to recycle properly

Last but not least is to make sure you are recycling responsibly while staying at cheap student accommodation Sydney. Plastic and paper products can often be recycled and made into future products. It’s a great way to help out the environment, so make sure to purchase recycled products as well. Of course, just remember that even recycled cans and bottles require a lot of work and energy to be produced and shipped to stores, so it’s even better if you can skip such waste altogether.