On or off campus? Which is right for you?

When looking for cheap student accommodation in Sydney, one must decide if they want to live on or off campus. This can be a difficult choice as each living option has its own set of perks. If you are living on campus it means more opportunity to make friends and no real commute to class, while being off campus allows for greater freedom and a more private space. Both of these options have drawbacks too as living off campus can be lonely, and it can be hard to get away from school activities if you are on campus all the time. Thankfully, staying at an off-campus student facility like Be.Accommodation can provide the best of both worlds for many.


Not only is Be.Accommodation conveniently located near UNSW, this cheap student accommodation in Sydney gives you plenty of freedom and an ability to spread your wings as a student and young adult. Public transportation options are plenty, so you can enjoy everything Sydney has to offer on the weekends or your days off. There are single, twin, and bunkbed rooms available, all of which include a bar fridge and a private bathroom. Plus, you will have access to our full kitchen, which allows you to make delicious food yourself and save money on eating out.


While living in an apartment away from campus can be lonely, Be.Accommodation provides the perfect middle ground between privacy and friends. We have a great commons area, where you can bond with students, watch television together, and hang out while grilling or making meals. Being at university is a time to make friendships and to engage in social activities, which is why we have created such a welcoming social environment. Of course, when you need to study or want time to yourself, your room provides a safe retreat away from any distractions and is a perfect place to relax.


Despite offering cheap student accommodation in Sydney, Be.Accommodation has all of the comfort you could want from a living space without having to deal with getting utilities set up. Not only do you get access to our high-speed wireless Internet, but you won’t have to pay more for water and electricity. Your room also has access to plenty of storage space, a built-in wardrobe, a pin board and shelves, plus a studying area. There’s also a beanbag for you to relax in and study when you’re not quite ready for bed.


Be.Accommodation is truly the perfect blend of living off campus with the on-campus comradery that students love. We also have a safe and secure student facility thanks to our top-notch security. We have closed circuit televisions that ensure students’ safety, and an on-site caretaker is available 24 hours a day and can be contacted if a student has any worries. Plus, we have car spaces that can be purchased and motorbike and bicycle parking that is secure. You are getting a safe and secure living environment through the best cheap student accommodation in Sydney.