The Best Tech for Your Living Space

University can become expensive, especially when living away from home, so in many cases students tend to prioritise affordability over luxury when it comes to their living space. However, Gen Z do not know a world without technology as it has become essential to their academic success.

At Be. Accommodation, your best cheap student accommodation Sydney can offer, we make sure that all our residents have access to the finest technology, including:


High Speed Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is essential in so our residents can easily complete their studies, and most importantly stay connected to their family and friends. Each resident receives 20gb data free each month, and if needed they can easily top up their allowance.


Entertainment Technologies

Comfort and community are top priority to us here at Be. Accommodation. So, we made sure that our common areas have all the entertainment you need with flat screen televisions and Foxtel so you can enjoy your favourite movies with your peers.


Safety and Security

When moving away from home it is important to feel safe and secure. Therefore, we monitor our premises with the finest circuit television cameras (CCTV) which closely watch the facility to ensure safety.


Homeware Facilities

Last but not least, homeware technologies such as refrigerators, microwaves, fans, and heaters are all important when creating a comfortable home environment. We supply our residents with all they need to cook their favourite meals, to stay warm during chilly winter days, and cool on hot summer days.

If you are looking for the finest cheap student accommodation Sydney can provide that offers you all that you need to stay connected, entertained, safe and to live comfortably, contact Be.Accommodation on 61 9167 9356. Our friendly staff are always available to answer any of your queries.