The Perfect Study Soundtrack

If you enjoy listening to music while you study, choosing the right sound can be vital to your overall productivity level. Listening to music can calm you down, elevate your mood, and motivate you to stay focused and study for longer periods of time.

However, listening to the wrong type of music can distract you from your studies. It may be hard to steer away from your favourite Kanye, Drake or Beyonce album – but to get those top results you should opt for a different sound.

So, what type of music is perfect for studying? Here is your answer:


Classical Music

Never underestimate the power of classical music, it is known for being both peaceful and harmonious. Classical helps to create a calm and serene study environment, and it is recommended as one of the best studying genres for students.


Nature Sounds

Nature sounds are known to increase concentration levels and keeps the students mind engaged at a more subconscious level. Nature sounds can also be extremely calming, which is why many people use it to help with meditations and to fall asleep. Try listening to soundtracks of nature like waterfalls, rain, or the seashore rolling in.


Ambient Music

Ambient music utilises ambient sounds like the hum of an air conditioning or the buzz of TV static. These sounds often lack a true beat, and usually doesn’t have lyrics, so it ends up blending into the pre-existing background noise. White noise helps with productivity focus and allows you to perform tasks more efficiently.


Modern Electronic

Modern Electronic, otherwise known as ‘chill out’ music can help relax the mind and get you ready for a long day of studying. This genre of music will help you absorb knowledge and solve problems quickly.

When living at Be.Accommodation, we encourage our residents to enjoy peaceful sounds while studying. All of our rooms are soundproof, meaning you can enjoy your music without distracting others. For more information about the best student housing Sydney can offer, contact us on +61 2 9267 9356.