What Is the Point of Student Accommodation?

An important decision a student must make before beginning their university journey is deciding where to live. Many students do not live locally to their university and travel from a different city, state, or country. Therefore, considering student accommodation can be the best and most affordable option.

There are many benefits to living in student accommodation while studying, these include:

Convenience and transport to campus

Student accommodation allows convenience and easy access to transport services. This will assist in a student’s everyday life, with less time spent on travel going to and from university, allowing students more time to complete their studies as well as time to socialise with their peers.

Be. Accommodation is the best student accommodation near UNSW or any learning institution in the Sydney CBD, located within walking distance to the local Westfield Shopping Centre at Eastgardens, amazing Sydney beaches and easy access to transport services to UNSW.

Building friendships

Living in student accommodation creates the perfect opportunity to meet new people and build lifelong friendships. Student accommodation are usually equipped with common areas with kitchens and barbeque areas where you can cook, eat, and socialise with your friends in a safe and secure environment.

In order to assist students in having a healthy social life and build friendships, Be. Accommodation have amazing common areas for students to hang out in when they are not in class. We take pride in creating a comfortable small community, that provides a friendly and fun place to live while completing your studies.


The feeling of safety and security is important when moving away from home. Student accommodation are usually fully secure, with an on-site caretaker than can be contacted at any hour.

Be. Accommodation is the safest student accommodation near UNSW, the complex is fully secure and provides closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) which closely watch the facility to ensure safety.

Privacy and comfort

The benefit of student accommodation compared to living in a shared apartment or other general share houses is the privacy you receive as well as comfortable living.

Beyond providing a place to socialise and make friends, Be. Accommodation also offer a safe and private place to reside while completing your studies, with the option of a single room that has your own private study and private bathroom.

Cost Effective

While completing full time studies it can be difficult to save money, therefore consider student accommodation. Be. Accommodation provides affordable student accommodation near UNSW, the room rates are inclusive of all facilities, such as access to internet data as well as access to the common rooms and kitchen facilities.

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