What Jobs Are Ideal for Students?

There are many wonderful things about living at Be.Accommodation, not only is it the ideal student accommodation near UNSW, but due to the affordable prices students are able to save their money. While being a student it can be difficult to find a balance between studying, work and a social life. Therefore, it is important to find a job that allows flexible hours.

Here are a few jobs to consider that compliment a work and study lifestyle.

Personal Tutor

Becoming a tutor is the perfect way to help school or university students reach their desired marks. Tutoring can benefit yourself as well as your student as you can offer to tutor past subjects that you have already completed, enabling you to keep the content you have learnt fresh in your memory while teaching others.

Tutoring is ideal for students wanting to work remotely, as you can teach using video calls. Be.Accommodation offers comfortable student accommodation near UNSW, ideal for students wanting to work from home.


Babysitting is a rewarding job for those who have experience with children and enjoy taking care of them. As a babysitter you can work flexible hours that suit your study schedule. Not only is it fun to hang out with the young children and entertain them for a few hours, but you will also find that a lot of parents need a babysitter for the evenings. This is the ideal case for a student as you can use the time that the child is asleep to catch up on university work all while being paid to babysit.

Become a student ambassador

While studying at university why not consider working with the university you attend. As a student ambassador you represent your university as you visit schools and become a mentor to new students. Student ambassadors offer information about courses, activities to do around campus and information about student accommodation. Being a student ambassador also assists with meeting different people from other courses and creating new friends. Universities will also consider your studies when undertaking this role ultimately offering you accommodating working hours.

Note taking support

Another opportunity universities offer is note taking support for students. Becoming a note taker is a suitable job for students, as you attend the same tutorials and lectures while providing a classmate that needs extra help.This not only benefits the student that needs the support but your own studies as well by keeping all your study notes up to date. Not to mention a greatway to make extra money. You can apply to become a note taker on your university’s website.

The value for all these jobs is not only the flexible working hours, but also the availability to those on a student visa as there is no hassle for approval to work. Many jobs you can even start as your own small side hustle to bring in extra cash.