5 Essential Items You Need In Your Study Space

If you are studying at home, or in your student accommodation, taking the time to set up your study space properly is a must! It can help you stay organised and increase your productivity.

The perfect study space will be different for everyone, however, there are a few essential items you will need to get started:

Stationary supplies

Pens, pencils, paper, staplers, sticky notes, and highlighters are all a must-have while studying. Stocking up on these essentials will help you stay organised. Discover how you study best, is it by writing out your notes by hand, highlighting your notes in different colours, or sticking notes all over your room as a visual aid? There are no rules – do what works best for you.

Add a clock

Be sure to time your studies and allow yourself to take a well-deserved break. It is more effective if you work for an hour and have a 10-minute break, then repeat. Make a coffee or cup of tea, have a stretch, or go for a walk – just remember to go back and continue to study (even though it can be tempting to lay on your bed and have a nap).


This may not be for everyone – however, if you feel that you study best while listening to your favourite songs, headphones are an essential item. If you enjoy listening to music while you study, choosing the right sound can be vital to your overall productivity level. Headphones are also important when living in shared student accommodation to not become a distraction to your peers, and vice versa.

Be comfortable

No matter where you decide to study, make sure that you are comfortable – because let’s face it, you are likely to be there for a while. Make sure your seat offers the back support that you need, and if you need to stand up, and walk around, do that too. Find what works for you, and what helps you focus even more.

Water bottle

This may not be an obvious one but staying hydrated while studying is very important. Always keep a water bottle on your desk to keep hydrate. Studies show that drinking water prior to an exam, and while studying can increase your academic performance. Our brains are roughly 75% water, and when you are properly hydrated, you are able to think more clearly, increase your ability to focus, and experience greater creativity and clarity.

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