The Best Winter Weekend Activities

The beauty about living at in Sydney while you’re completing your university studies, is that you get to experience Sydney all year round. Australia is best known for its hot summers, especially in Sydney, with the strip of stunning beaches, outdoor bars and restaurants, and gorgeous parks amongst others that have made the iconic city famous. But just because the temperature is getting colder, and winter is amongst us, doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do in Sydney.

The winter season is full of sunny days, and never gets too cold that you don’t want to head outside. So, without further ado, here are the best winter weekend activities to do in Sydney:

Attend Vivid Festival

Vivid is Sydney’s Light and Art festival and has been dubbed one of the most exciting events in the world. The multi-award-winning festival illuminates the city of Sydney, with spectacular light art exhibits being a new life to the CBD as various iconic buildings are lit up showing incredible art displays and light shows. Vivid has rapidly grown into the largest festival of its kind worldwide and is a must visit if you are in Sydney during winter.

Visit Luna Park

There is no greater way to bring out your inner child than to visit an amusement park. Luna Park is enjoyed by people all ages, especially because of its magical views of the Sydney harbour. If you want to get an adrenaline rush by going on a thrilling ride, or you want to try your luck escaping the Coney Island Mirror Maze – it is impossible to get bored at Luna Park. Gather a group of your friends and get ready for a fun filled day.

Explore the Museums

Sydney is very rich in culture and art, resulting in a lot of museums and art galleries which continue to update their collections, or host international exhibitions. Being in Sydney during winter is the ideal time to take a peek inside the world-renowned museums.

Experience the Blue Mountains

Just a short 2-hour drive from the city, the Blue Mountains is one of the best day trips you can go on during winter. The town comes to life with lush forests, and huge waterfalls being enhanced by the heavy rainfall and occasional snow that hits the region. There are so many things to do in the Blue Mountains, such as driving through the small mountain towns, visiting cafes, and enjoying a hot chocolate, and seeing the iconic Three-Sisters. Call your closest group of friends and head to there for a day trip or make a weekend out of it by staying in one of their many hotels.

Keep Warm at the Pub

Sydney pubs are filled with character, cool decorations, and delicious meals. Spend a chilly day in your local pub with a hot bowl of fresh chips, and the company of your friends. The beauty about Be.Accommodation is that we are located right near some of the best pubs in Sydney where you can enjoy a fresh chicken parmi and a game of pool with your mates.

A Be.Accommodation, your trusted UNSW student accommodation, we want to ensure that you are getting the most out of the wonderful city that is Sydney all year round. For more information give us a call on +61 2 9167 9356.