Getting ready for the 2023 uni year: What you need to know!

The start of the 2023 academic year is right around the corner for many Australian students, marking the return to lectures, assignments, and the dreaded ‘About me’ tutorial introductions. While the start of semester is a good time to discover or reacquaint yourself with your campus, suss out your classes, and make new friends, it is also the perfect opportunity to get all you need in order.

To help our residents, we have come up with a uni preparation checklist that will help set you up for a successful semester.

Sort out the ‘boring’ stuff

Before you begin the semester, you need to sort out your enrolment information, subjects, timetable, student ID card and your public transport concession card (in New South Wales, this is the Opal card). There are a lot of administrative details to prepare before starting university and dealing with them before the semester begins will help to make your transition as easy as possible. It is natural to be nervous about starting university, so don’t add extra stress by leaving any admin to the last minute.

Treat yourself

The new academic year is a great excuse to indulge in some retail therapy. Make sure that you are equipped with the right gear. Invest in a backpack or tote bag sturdy enough to hold your laptop and textbooks, and comfortable shoes that you can walk miles in. Speaking of textbooks, you should research the required texts for each subject before visiting your university’s book shop. Online second-hand bookshops are also a great alternative if you are hoping to some money. Last but not least is stationary, if you prefer putting pen to paper, stock up on notebooks, pens, and folders.

Plan your transportation

Take some time to explore and plan how you are going to travel to campus. Consider a range of modes and establish some back-up options in case your preferred method of transport is delayed or unavailable. Luckily, at Be.Accommodation, we are located near some of the best universities in Sydney, just a quick bus or train trip away!

Conduct your own campus tour

During O-Week your university will host plenty of campus tours, which we highly recommend you attend. However, sometimes it can be useful to explore your university at your own pace to get a general feel for where everything is, such as the library, student services, and food places. Conducting your own tour allows you to figure out where your lectures and tutorials will be held, which will be comforting to know when the semester begins, and hundreds of students are roaming the campus.

Organise your student accommodation

One of the decisions a student has to make before starting university is where to live. For some, the choice is easy as they have the luxury to continue living at home if it is an easy commute to campus. However, many students need to travel to a different city, state, or country to attend university and need to seek student accommodation. At Be.Accommodation, we are local to all universities in Sydney, in particular the University of New South Wales, the University of Sydney and the University of Technology Sydney. Because our property is located close to various universities, you aren’t travelling hours on public transport to reach campus.

At Be. Accommodation, it is important to us that our residents have all they need to prepare for the university year. What is wonderful about our Sydney student accommodation, is the location, safety, and wonderful community. For more information contact us on +61 2 9167 9356.