The best cafes for studying in Sydney

As the new academic year is in full swing, and studying has ramped up, it is important that you find a study place that inspires and keeps you motivated. Common places to study are the study nook in your bedroom, study spaces around your student accommodation, and the library. However, have you thought about venturing out to some local cafes to get your study on?

Well, when living in Be.Accommodation, you have a vast amount of local cafes available to you that you can study at, whether you’re with a group, or studying alone

To save you the hassle of searching for the best cafes for studying in Sydney, we have compiled a list of our top five, have a read below:

The Grounds of Alexandria

Located in the heart of Alexandria, this café has a beautiful outdoor seating area and is perfect for studying in a relaxed atmosphere. With ample space and plenty of natural light, this cafe is a popular spot for students to study. They also offer free Wi-Fi to keep you connected. There are also multiple cafes in the Grounds, including the Potting Shed and The Grounds Café where you can indulge in a delicious meal.

Dymocks Café

In the centre of Sydney’s CBD, the Dymocks Café is the perfect place for students to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and university. Here, they can enjoy some peaceful study time surrounded by an abundance of books.

Pablo and Rusty’s

As well as having a variety of locations all over Sydney, this cafe is known for its delicious coffee and cosy atmosphere. It is one of the most convenient study locations for students that are looking for a quiet place to study.

The Book Kitchen

Located in Surry Hills, The Book Kitchen is a cosy and inviting cafe with an extensive collection of books that customers can read or purchase. It has a quiet atmosphere, ideal for studying, with comfortable seating, and delicious coffee.

Cafe Giulia

This charming cafe in Chippendale is popular among students for its comfortable and laid-back atmosphere. It has a range of seating options, including communal tables and cosy nooks, and serves delicious coffee and food.
Keep in mind that cafe environments can vary depending on the time of day and week. It’s always a smart idea to check the cafe’s website or social media pages to see if they have any events or busy times. This can affect your ability to study.

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